Our rooms

Each room of Dimora Bolsone has an individual personality and theme. All of the furnishings follow each room’s spirit and are often antiques from the ancestral house.

The rooms are often decorated with "trompe-l'oeil" paintings on the walls. The subjects recall the name of the room. However, a small "trait d'union," also painted on the wall, connects each room. It is the smallest Italian bird, the wren. The wren is often seen in autumn when it comes down from the cold north, hopping from branch to branch in the low shrubs with its small tail always upright, emitting its characteristic chirping. Few people know, however, that the cute, mischievous wren is a highly skilled weaver. Its nest is a miniature work of art made like a small ball hanging from the branches with a hole for the entrance.

The male is in charge of nest construction. Once the work is finished, he goes in search of a female. He convinces her to follow him to show her his work. If the female considers it suitable and to her taste, the "marriage" is made. Otherwise, the female leaves and the male searches for a less pretentious female. However, it is important to know that the task of incubating and maintaining the offspring is exclusive to the female. Once the male has built the nest and completed the sexual practice, he goes to build a new nest and look for another female. The male, continuing with the usual game, may find himself with more families. In short, the male can be considered a sexual vagabond and the female, in search of a home to her liking, favors only "well-to-do" males. A strange couple? Maybe not.

Let's now move on to the description of each of the individual four rooms and suite made available to guests.


We do everything we can to make your stay a unique experience. We are a family-run business and we want you to feel at home, with all the comforts.


Not suitable for children under age 12.

Pets allowed on request.


  • WiFi
  • Air conditioning and fan
  • There is no TV, but books and magazines are available in the rooms
  • Machine for coffee and herbal teas
  • Fresh fruit on arrival
  • Private bathroom with Prija amenities
  • Information folder for Gardone Riviera and Lake Garda


  • Private parking
  • Hot tub/mini pool
  • Sun terrace
  • Terrace
  • Umbrellas
  • Deckchairs/sun loungers
  • Pool/beach towels
  • Always water and juice 


  • Beauty and wellness services
  • Participation in Yoga or meditation courses
  • Meditation mats and cushions to lend
  • Electric bikes (delivered to Dimora Bolsone)
  • Participation in courses and events at Dimora Bolsone