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Olive Tree Room

Master bedroom

Olivo (the Olive Tree Room) is the largest, the master bedroom. It takes its name from the patriarchal olive tree that can be seen from one of the two bright windows, the one on the right looking towards the ancient olive tree and the hills beyond. The other offers a sweeping lake panorama. An olive tree branch is reproduced on the wall with the "trompe-l'oeil" technique. On it are perched ten long-tailed wrens, nine of which face forward and one back. The meaning is that in a group there is always at least one with a different opinion.

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Olive Tree

  Room 30 sqm.


   View of the hills/garden



  Bathroom 12sqm.

   Bathtub with shower





The 18th century Calabrian bed, also made of iron, is very high, large and spacious. It is high because at the time, the peasants and other local people did not enjoy large spaces in the houses. Each volume had to be used in the best possible way for storage, so why not under the bed? All sorts of things were put there, except for animals.

At the end of the bed is an imposing double leather trunk. Among the decorations of the leather you can still see the gold color, now faded, signifying the importance and wealth of the trunk’s owner.


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