The Bolsone fountain was already famous in the 1700s, because of the quality of its water, and many came and collected it. Among its many qualities, in addition to its lightness, they believed it was very good for the skin.

With the intention of reviving the use of this ancient fountain’s water, we have channelled it into an ancient Renaissance bath tub. The water is heated to thirty degrees and inside the tub, multiple hydro-jets spray it onto your body, giving you a pleasurable and healthy massage. At night soft underwater lights create a stunning and charming effect, that can be enjoyed with a glass of excellent sparkling wine and a beautiful view over the lake.

The opening of the fountain depends on the heat of the season however, approximately, it will be available from early May and will close at the end of September.

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Massages are normally performed on a gazebo terrace with a breathtaking view and the scent of jasmine. The blue of the lake as a contour.