Ours is a XIV century farmhouse renovated according to the construction period, surrounded by a large park owned by us that protects its silence and privacy. The view is breathtaking. The rooms are only 5 and each one is furnished with period furniture, plus a suite with a private terrace that overlooks the garden.


I PUTTI mq 33

Beautiful and elegant room with a large Neapolitan bed of the '700 and elegant dresser of the' 600. On the wall above the door with cherubs that simulate the opening of curtains to show the external panorama.
Bathroom with Bassano ceramics.

+ 3

OLIVO 43 sq. m. 

It takes its name from the large olive tree seen from the window and is trompe l'oeil on the wall. On a branch 10 cince, 9 which look in the same direction and one on the contrary, signifying the difficulty of univocal behavior in the communities. Large room with a double-sided view, one overlooking the splendid panorama of the lake and one overlooking the hill. Large bed of the ‘700 Calabrese with the base of a sixteenth-century leather trunk, a Brescian blouse of the‘ 600 and “pettineuse” also reported in trompe l'oeil in the spacious bathroom dedicated to the sea and decorated with Sicilian tiles.

LAGO 35 sq. m.

Room dedicated to the wonderful panorama of the lake, aerial view. 800 beds decorated with mother-of-pearl that "lights up" depending on the angle of the light. Trompe l'oeil with a view of the lake. Bathroom with Amalfi ceramic.

+ 2
+ 2

TORRE 30 sq. m.

The highest room in the house with a small terrace in the middle of the roofs and a breathtaking view. Magnificent '600 bed of museum value, Venetian cabinet of the' 700 decorated with fire, in the furnishings also a small toy sled of Austrian origin. Themed trompe l'oeil. Mq. 30 smaller terrace in the roofs.

ANGELI 23 sq. m.

Romantic room with a canopy bed dedicated to the angels also in an ironic way, as evidenced by the 5 etchings depicting a lady with an angel of "daring" behavior. Themed trompe l'oeil. Outside there is a small romantic terrace that overlooks the garden, ideal for "counting" the stars. 23 sqm plus terrace.

+ 3
+ 2


Suite consisting of a bedroom and a living room with walls completely decorated with trompe l'oeil showing the vision that one would have as if the walls were not there, in the bedroom a large rooster on the wall reminds of the morning alarm. At the complete disposal of the apartment there is a long terrace that overlooks the garden with solarium 40 sqm plus terrace