Dimora Bolsone is a renovated 15th century manor house set on the green hillside that slopes steeply down to Garda lake. With its breath-taking views and magnificent estate, a stay in Dimora Bolsone is a really exciting experience. The well-appointed rooms contain a delicate blend of works of art and antique furniture. The stone house stands in a magnificent park of natural beauty called "The Garden of the Senses", where body and mind can completely relax.


For those who love history and culture ... A hinterland rich in masterpieces of the past.
The 80,000-square meters park contains lush vegetation, here and there natural crystal-clear water falls and gently shaded paths that change the panorama. A well-laid-out succession of small clearing and clumps of old trees, fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, flowers and carpets of sweet-smelling aromatic herbs give a sense of peace and wellbeing to men and animals. Our place exudes a romantic atmosphere of the old good times. No artificially and unhealthy air conditioned winter temperature but a large vintage ceiling fans keep our guests pleasantly cool. Curtains billow in their breeze, recreating the magic of Casablanca, the Humphrey Bogart movie that inspired our style. Instead of unwelcome noise sources such as a mini-bar or a TV, we provide our guest rooms with fresh water and fruit along with complimentary wi-fi. On the terrace and close to the Jacuzzi bath we serve aperitifs and tasty snacks, at night romantic candle light dinners.