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Bolsone, a dedicated place

Bolsone is dedicated to field flowers, to their beauty, their simple essence. Everyday I take a stroll, I set my eyes on new flowers or they may be the same ones I saw the previous day but from a different point of view. I admire them, I am moved, they are not ostentatious. I love following their life cycles and thus I am not just about to set my sickle free and flatten the whole field. Before laying my sickle on them I prefer waiting for pollens to complete their course and for the seeds to be ready for subsequent season. I love plants from the bottom of my soul. I strongly believe that they are a living miracle to which our lives are deeply rooted. Human beings cannot live without plants but the plants can definitely do without us. To be honest, they would live much better without human beings. Plants carry on the miracle of life and convert inorganic material into organic material. In other words, they breathe life into lifeless substances thus paving way to our life too. Furthermore, with the help of light, plants convert mineral salts and water into countless substances such as fats, sugars, proteins, vitamins, poisons and thousands of other known substances and many more unknown ones. Up to now, how plants manage to transport water and nutritional substances from the roots to the top of the trees, at times very tall trees, without pumps or other devices still partially remains a mystery. Bolsone is a small example of a place where nature is free to follow its course. If you wish to visit Bolsone, that is our “Garden of Senses”, you must tiptoe and keep your ears wide open.  If you wish you can bring a book along with you, you can use your senses (sight, smell, hearing listen and touch). Sooner or later you will hear the voice of “Genius Loci”, the spirit of the place. Maybe you will hear it through cicadas, crickets, birds, small waterfalls or rustles. All you have to do is listen, and you will hear its voice. Bolsone is about a living place previously left to ruin, then brought back to life with a bit of love. As mentioned beforehand, Bolsone is dedicated to the most humble of field herbs and flowers.To reach our goal we tried to restore its ancient splendour reviving the flower fields, prairies or olive groves where the ecosystem was balanced and the selective herbicides hadn’t yet killed poppies and cornflower in the wheat fields. In other words, we tried rekindling our childhood times, the experiences most of us lived those days, which tasted good and smelt fresh. Those days when you could walk barefooted on wet grass, on ploughed fields or across a stream maybe feeling some prickly objects beneath our feet but without fearing cutting ourselves on some broken glass, the ultimate symbol of the our era of waste.We revive the days of the peaceful countryside that once was. This is  the driving force behind the restoration of this place and this is the emotion we would like to engrave into the souls of our light-hearted guests. Quoting Proust, we must recover gone times and peace, and spending your time amongst olive and cypress trees is definitely the finest way to do that.  Peace. Bolsone is full of paths more or less easy to find, free of vegetation or covered by leaves and thus you can easily lose your way.  Many times, I have wondered whether signs and maps would make life easier for the visitors. To tell you the truth I was tempted to let people follow their instinct, ending up in unknown places and feel the slight chill one feels down ones spine in an unknown environment.  However, I thought the better of it and decided that a little help was not that bad after all, especially for direction  to places where one could take a short rest. For this reason we prepared the maps  and provided some signs along the paths leading you to places your heart yearns for.

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